Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Diesel Generator Voltage Regulator AVR SX460 for Stamford Replacement

Diesel Generator Voltage R

SX460 is a half-wave phase controlled thyristor type Automat...

R230 Genset Electronic 150kva AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator

R230 Genset Electronic 150

Generator Voltage Regulator R230 for Leroy Somer Generator ...

Diesel Alternator Voltage Adjustment Regulator AVR R449

Diesel Alternator Voltage 

The circuitry of the R449 Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) ...

Brushless Type Generator AVR GAVR-20A

Brushless Type Generator A

GAVR-20A is Universal 20 Amp 1/2 Wave Self Excited Dip-Switc...

Generator AC Voltage Stabilizer AVR R220

Generator AC Voltage Stabi

Leroy Somer AVR R220 Automatic Voltage Regulators R220 is an...

Generator Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVR R250

Generator Automatic Voltag

Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR R250 for Generator, Leroy so...

Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR R438 for Generator

Automatic Voltage Regulato

Diesel Generator Parts Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR R438 ...

Diesel Generator Automatic Voltage Stabilizer AVR R448

Diesel Generator Automatic

The circuitry of the AVR R448 Automatic Voltage Regulator (A...

R450 Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR of Three-Phase Alternators

R450 Automatic Voltage Reg

R450 AVR is powered by two auxiliary windings which are inde...

3 Phase 30KVA Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR AS440

3 Phase 30KVA Generator Au

The AS440  (+ Kit replaces SX440) is a half wave phase contr...

China Digital AC Brushless Generator Voltage Regulator AVR R450T

China Digital AC Brushless

1. Leroy SomerAutomatic Voltage Regulator R450 2. Single or...

AVR R450M for Leroysomer Generator

AVR R450M for Leroysomer G

R450M AVR is powered by two auxiliary windings which are ind...

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